Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So...yet another communictation error

I was getting changed in the locker room at the gym (trying to be a little quick so I wouldn't be late for my Junior High small group). There was some form of Body Combat type class well underway in the studio adjacent to the locker room being led by an overly exuberant trainer who kept shouting obscure phrases like "till the turkey's done".

I was just thinking how this seemed a little weird when a guy turned to me and began a conversation about the loud trainer (which included a number of swear words that I have chosen to omit).

Him....."Only in America"
Me....."Perhaps he can't hear what he's saying" (the 1st lighthearted thing that came to mind)
Him....."He couldn't get a real job if he tried"
Me....."I suppose it's kind of a fun job, at least he doesn't pay for gym membership" (trying to sound fair yet non-confrontational - he was bigger than me)
Him....."I can't believe that people stand for it"
Me....."Each to their own I suppose" (this seemed a little over the top so I tried to sound diplomatic)
Him....."I don't what will happen to the country now"
Me....."haha" (nervous laughter - I thought this was totally over the top)
Him....."It's a complete joke, the economy is just going to get worse"
Me....."hahaha" (confused laughter - perhaps he's trying to be funny)
Him....."He doesn't write anything he says himself, he probably can't write"
Me....."ah well" (totally confused at the relevance)
Him....."it's the most important job in the world and he's messing it up, along with the country"
Me....."huh" (I mean this guy clearly holds exercise as a higher priority than I do but seriously?!?!)
Him....."what's he saying now?..."

At this point he walked over to the TV set that I hadn't even realized was on and turned up the volume to hear what President Obama was saying (the person he had been referring to all the time).

Having realized my mistake at who was the subject of our conversation I did what any other self respecting person would do...I ran away!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

So...I thought this was ironic

Whilst walking through Target today I saw this on the sale rack....can XXL really be athletic fit?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So...another communictation error

I was speaking at our Junior High services this past weekend and as part of my intorduction I wanted to use some classic British snacks so I made my way to the nearest British food store (which is in Laguna Niguel incase you were wondering). It is not the nicest place to visit but does provide some classic British treats such as "crisps", "sweets" and "biscuits".

I was specifically lloking for "Ready Salted Hula Hoops" which would have gone extremely well with the talk but when I looked I could only find "salt and vinegar". I asked the guy in the store if he could help but ironically he couldn't understand what I was saying!! I checked, and yes, I was speaking english.

I tried to rephrase my question a few times but without luck! I can concede that my accent is a little tricky to understand in California but surely I should be understood in the British store!! I mean, there ought to be some kind of special handshake or sign (possibly that of a teapot) to enter the secrets of the store!!

I left deflated with my less than ideal salt and vinegar hula hoops.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So...I got my haircut (again)

I have posted about getting my haircut before (here). This time was a little different but a little less successful.

Firstly it was the same person that has cut my hair the past 3 times (the first time was as I have previously described). It would seem that on the 3rd visit we are now so well established in the client/hairdresser relationship that I am considered family and greeted with a hug. Which is a little odd in itself as our total contact time must account for around 60mins (I've had longer conversations with people that I still regard as relative strangers). Regardless of this, the experience has led me to offer some advice to any up and coming hair stylists...

Please, please, please learn what "a quarter inch" means (a little less than this poison dart frog)My hairdresser did not and now my hair is unnecessarily short. As a result I don't trust my own reflection at the moment, I look shifty and strange. Perhaps I should send her one of these frogs so that she'll have a point of reference in the future.

So...a new day has dawned

The inevitable has finally happened...
My supply of Starbucks giftcards has run dry. I will once again have to pay for my coffee like regular people (well not regular people - I still have a goldcard). It's a sad sad day.