Monday, December 22, 2008 clarify

In England we spell things a little differently.

We enjoy using the vowel "U" - especially when we wish to honoUr our favoUrite coloUr
We enjoy moving letters around - especially when requesting a seat in the centRe of the theatRe
We enjoy spelling words in nonsensical ways - especially when buying new tYres for our cars.
We distrust the letter "Z" and much prefer "S" - especially when we wish to criticiSe or analySe

While looking up other fun language facts i discovered this one:
carburettor carburetor British pronunciation IPA: /ˌkɑːbəˈɹɛtə(ɹ)/; US IPA: /ˈkɑɹbəˌɹeɪtɚ/.
So pleased to have cleared that up?!?!?!?

We no longer use the vowel "E" unnecessarily at the end of words. You can no longer buy things from an "oldE englishE shopPE" unless the shop in question is themed for this very purpose.

...and as a side note to Susan Jones - I thank you for your efforts to highlight the different spellings of our languages on your site, however, British people may pay for items with a cheQUe but they would never deposit it in a banQUe! That one remains banK - perhaps you got carried away.

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Tyler said...

Phil! Dude, I'm reading your blog from my new iPod Touch I got for Christmas! Yay! Btw, funny post. Merry Christmas!