Saturday, October 4, 2008

Everyone wants a payrise...

So, I was recently informed that the Queen has asked for a little extra spending money. This intrigued me so I dug a little deeper...

She currently receives around $80million to use for all state business, buildings vehicles, boats, crown polishers footmen, doormen, coachmen, guardsmen and othermen.

She also receives around $25million from personal title and investments that is for personal use (which would buy a lot of starbucks). Overall she is the wealthiest monarch in the World and has assests worth around $70-80billion.

In fairness she does have 4 official residences (3 palaces and a castle) plus 4 private residences (including another castle) which aren't cheap to run.

Plus, of course the upkeep, of the Crown Jewels which consists of a fair few crowns, sceptres, orbs, a chair, a couple of swords, a ton of precious stones and a spoon.

This is my favoUrite "symbolizes the domination of Christianity over the World".

It would be a larger collection had Oliver Cromwell decided not to melt half of them down when he formed the Commenwealth in 1649.

When I was a kid I was taught that you can't have new toys if you're don't even use the toys you already have. So I wonder if the Royal Family really ought to put some of their possession to good use before requesting extra allowance....

Personally I would wear a crown often, depending on which one suited my outfit, I would always carry a sceptre and would travel to church in the golden carriage.

As for the residences, well it's always nice to have a few good vacation spots!

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Hilary said...

I think you should wear a crown, and carry a septre, it would look good on you, I'm sorry you didn't think of it sooner, I would have loved to see you in reus wearing a crown!! xx