Thursday, October 16, 2008

So...I've been tagged

I was tagged by bethany so before I pass the baton on here goes...

1. I have a paralyzing fear of snakes. I don't like that they have no arms or legs but can still jump and swim. I don't trust them or their twisty, coiling, hissing nature. They're mean, creepy and unpredictable. I couldn't watch "Snakes on a Plane" and this is the best picture I could bear to post - I tried a real photograph but just couldn't do it.

2. I like patterns. Cups in my cabinet should be in height order. ColoUred cups should be arranged in single coloUr groups or in at least in a symmetrical pattern. Chairs in an auditorium must be in a tangible layout even if no one else could possibly see it - it matters. Clothes live in their designated drawers or hung in an approved order (either by coloUr or by style), on no account should socks ever be found in the underwear drawer - it would disturb the natural order of things.

3. I want to be on 'Hereos' so badly it's almost embarrassing (almost!).

4. When I shortlisted which University to attend, 5 of my 6 choices were south of London, the 6th was Newcastle upon Tyne in the opposite end of the country in the North East of England just South of the Scottish border. I put it down for no particular reason and made it my first choice because I liked the Bridge. I ended up living there for 7 years!

5. I am a registered nurse and worked in the ER (or A&E depending on the country). It was nothing like the show 'scrubs' a little like the show 'ER' but without as many attractive people. I made some great friends and a ton of great stories. I miss wearing pajamas for work.

6. I have made a rap video (and you are welcome).

7. Although it makes no sense whatsoever, my brain believes that I save money if I wait till the gas tank is as empty as possible before stopping to fill up. I have run out of gas twice through this approach, once in sight of a gas station, once 3 miles walk from one (for British readers please replace the word 'gas' with 'petrol')

So with all that said...
Allison / Andrea / Josh / Alyssa / Jaime / Ange / Stephanie's over to you guys.