Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So...another communictation error

I was speaking at our Junior High services this past weekend and as part of my intorduction I wanted to use some classic British snacks so I made my way to the nearest British food store (which is in Laguna Niguel incase you were wondering). It is not the nicest place to visit but does provide some classic British treats such as "crisps", "sweets" and "biscuits".

I was specifically lloking for "Ready Salted Hula Hoops" which would have gone extremely well with the talk but when I looked I could only find "salt and vinegar". I asked the guy in the store if he could help but ironically he couldn't understand what I was saying!! I checked, and yes, I was speaking english.

I tried to rephrase my question a few times but without luck! I can concede that my accent is a little tricky to understand in California but surely I should be understood in the British store!! I mean, there ought to be some kind of special handshake or sign (possibly that of a teapot) to enter the secrets of the store!!

I left deflated with my less than ideal salt and vinegar hula hoops.

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Zach Z said...

HOB NOBS!!!! I remember those!!! yum yum yum :D