Sunday, February 8, 2009

So...I got my haircut (again)

I have posted about getting my haircut before (here). This time was a little different but a little less successful.

Firstly it was the same person that has cut my hair the past 3 times (the first time was as I have previously described). It would seem that on the 3rd visit we are now so well established in the client/hairdresser relationship that I am considered family and greeted with a hug. Which is a little odd in itself as our total contact time must account for around 60mins (I've had longer conversations with people that I still regard as relative strangers). Regardless of this, the experience has led me to offer some advice to any up and coming hair stylists...

Please, please, please learn what "a quarter inch" means (a little less than this poison dart frog)My hairdresser did not and now my hair is unnecessarily short. As a result I don't trust my own reflection at the moment, I look shifty and strange. Perhaps I should send her one of these frogs so that she'll have a point of reference in the future.


MamaSue said...

Next time, take Bethany with you. The girl knows a quarter inch when she sees one.

By the way, don't you call that a frOUg?

Phil Chenery said...

I'm not so sure, I saw what she did to Zack's hair!

We British do enjoy the letter "U" that's for sure!!