Thursday, July 2, 2009

So...Mystery Mobile Mission

Today we took over 40 Junior High students on a Mystery Mobile Mission. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. We go to a few mystery locations and serve the community.
Today we spent some time serving the elderly
being a registered nurse working with the elderly isn;t particulalry daunting to me (though it has been a while) but to a Junior High student it takes a little more work.

My favoUrite observations...

A group of students were playing cards with some of the elderly residents and I asked what game they were playing...the students replied that they started playing "21" but one of their opponents fell asleep mid-game so they started playing "war". The sleeping opponent never noticed.

Apparently old people enjoy guinea pigs...apparently guinea pigs enjoy peeing on students.

One team of students were given the "opportunity" to sing while an elderly lady accompanied them on the piano...she was a strict taskmaster and they did not meet the standard nor the dedication she was apparently looking for...even after she made them spit out their gum...but at least they now know the words to the "Sound of Music" soundtrack.

One lady told me she needed to be served corn bread about as much as she needed a hole in the head.

After playing chequers with a student for nearly an hour an elderly man asked the student if this is what he would normally play for fun...the student replied no...thank goodness the man said, I hate this game!

It's funny when old people cuss at each other...that's all I'm gonna say.

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Ange said...

This is incredible. Next time I stop in a senior citizen's home to play checkers I'm going to think twice...then probably do it anyways. I have no idea how to hang with those old folkies.