Thursday, August 20, 2009

So...back in the Motherland

My first thought as I arrived back into London was how strange everyone's accent seemed, have I really been gone that long? I'm guessing so, nobody can understand what I'm saying! I'm used to getting that faintly confused look form Americans but not Londoners!

To my relief, however, many things seem much the same.

Brits are still obsessed by the weather either commenting on current weather, predicting future weather or discussing in great detail the weather pattern over this summer compared to previous years. I have been in the country for about 3 days and have counted 5 conversations regarding some element of meterology.

Brits are still genuinely excited by the concept of a bland cookie* and a beige colored milky hot drink.

Gas** is still ridiculously expensive

This year we have opted to follow the cricket coverage on the radio rather than the television. This is more like people merely having chat after a dose of NyQuil than it is about sport commentary. Here's a few moments that I listened to today
"here comes Trot, short cover, extra cover, mid shot on the short side and he's just scored 4. Great shot but marginal change of feel, 189 for 4. He goes again bowls on a full leg and just spooned of the outside edge, not the normal drive much more like short extra. They just can't hang balls on the off stump. Here comes Clark outside the off stump, it's a dire battle at the moment."
I'm sure being British I should be able to follow all this but it makes no sense to me whatsoever.

*british readers read "biscuit"
**british readers read "petrol"

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