Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Number ONE question

The number One question I am asked is "how do you run Blacklight dodgeball"

Here are my thoughts on how we did it...

You need to blackout the room pretty well, so it will be tricky to tell who was hit (even if people are wearing white) so just be aware of that as you go into it - it will be more about the experience than the competition!!

We purchased white dodge balls but they didn’t reflect the UV too well so we sprayed them with neon paint which worked brilliantly - orange and pink seemed to be the best. Then we sprayed some painters overalls for the judges to wear.

I rented the black lights from they are super helpful and can advise how many you'll need, at the time they charged $100 each.

They mail the lights to you a day or so prior to your event and then you mail them back in the same boxes etc. I paid for prepaid shipping labels (around $10 per unit) so the day after all I had to was stick the label on and Fedex them back.

Crank up the music, add a few siren lights or whatever strange lighting effects you have lying around from the last smoothie bar event you ran and that's it.

Super fun game to run in the middle of the night at camp!!


Dale said...

Check out for your blacklights. They sell better lights for about half the rental cost.

Billy said...

We have done this a few times. I use $10 shop lights with 4 ft black light fluorescent tubes from the local hardware store (Lowes). Total cost per light $36. We also use Rino Skin Neon Yellow dodge balls. They glow like the sun. I haven't tried the other colors. Has anyone else?

Brian said...

kisipplWe taped orange black light tape over a Rhino Skin ball and it worked OK but I'd love to find an 8" Neon Rhino Skin ball but I'm not sure they make one. I've seen 6" ones but we prefer the 8" for dodgeball. Billy did you use 6" Neon Yellow Rhino Skin balls? We also used that same black light tape on the floor for boundaries and that worked very well.