Sunday, May 1, 2011

Leading can mean getting out of the way

We launched registration for HSM Summer Camp this weekend!

As the Event Coordinator this is not just my responsibility but my passion. I wanted a weekend service that would inspire students to register for camp. I wanted to do more than simply promote an event but really connect with their hearts and inspire something within them. I wanted students to come away from the weekend with a yearning for something more.

I think we achieved it!...By playing to people's strengths.

1. For design I asked Jonathan Witt to come up with a look and feel for Summer Camp 2011. I gave very little direction but described the event and let him create.

2. For stage and promo I asked our newest team member Parker Stech to take the design and make something that would stand out and catch students attention. He built a 3D 8ft version of the graphic - it was epic!

3. For music I asked Taffy (Student Ministry Worship Pastor) "To be awesome"
I didn't micro manage, I fully trust what his students can do and gave them full freedom. The choir and band sounded great but, better than that, they worshiped with genuine passion and infective joy. Taffy and a band of graduating seniors will lead worship for us at Summer Camp

4. For the "element of fun" I asked our weekend coordinator Chris Wohlers to use his personality and humor to simply be funny on stage. He ran a goofy "Let's Make a Deal" game in a ridiculous Hawaiian shirt and gave away a few free tickets to camp. Chris will be programming Chapel at Summer Camp.

5. For the message I brought in our Camp Speaker Ron Merrell. I gave him freedom in the topic and he gave a message that made us laugh, that challenged the way we see ourselves and that gave us a good glimpse into his heart and his journey. He was awesome! The best promotion I could wish for.

Lesson Learned: Leading sometimes means simply getting out of the way so that others can do what they were made for. It's easy to fall into the trap of "micro-managing" and trying to keep a hand in every element especially with projects that run close to our hearts. It's more effective, however, to "macro-manage" and play to the strengths of the team, to coordinate the big picture and allow individual team members to run each element with the skills they have.

Of course we need to learn new skills, stretch ourselves and each other but I love working in a way that sets others up to win so that together we can achieve our goal.

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