Monday, November 24, 2008 1st thanksgiving experience

When I got home from church last night I found that my host family had left me a slice of pumpkin pie. This left me with a slight problem...having never eaten pumpkin pie I had no idea what to do with it! I had already established that it was a dessert, despite being made from a vegetable, and I had a feeling I should heat it up but then didn"t want to look super stupid for heating up a cold dessert - imagine what you would say if someone heated up a cheesecake!

So I texted Stephanie for advice - Crisis averted and pie was delicious!


cathcollings said...

So do you eat it cold or not? I might make one but the recipe dosen't seem to give you much idea of whether you cool it then eat it or cool it then heat it up again to eat it

Phil Chenery said...

It isn't served hot.

General consesus is to eat it cold from the fridge with cream. Others prefer it at room temp (so 30secs in the microwave) when it's slightly warmer you can taste the spices better.

I kinda like it slightly warm.

Zach Z said...

I think that pumpkin pie should be eaten freezing cold with ALOT of whip cream. Temperature actually doesnt matter that much just so long as you have alot of whip cream