Sunday, November 23, 2008


The other week we took our High School Small Groups on an overnight retreat. Lots of fun was had. On the drive back one of the guys in my group commented that he had never opened a window with a crank before!?!?! - I felt old...and poor!

Here is a picture of my car (just imagine it after a few more thousand miles than this one and far from perfect paintwork). My small group would like to paint the Union Flag over it which would be awesome!!!

Unfortunately if I had the money for such a project I'd probably spend it on a better car in the first place!! So, at least for the foreseeable future it'll remain green and faded, sorry guys!

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel poor... but maybe you can feel that your car is old :) I actually have used one of those in my dad's old pickup truck, I just haven't seen one in a while, and I'm easily entertained!!

-Austin (from your group, not just some random austin...)