Monday, May 24, 2010

So...Lost finale

At our lost party we had three challenges...
1. Compete in a Lost trivia quiz
2. Design a Lost themed shirt
3. Write a Lost themed poem

Here is my poetic entry...

Ways to die on LOST
If you managed to live through, a crash killing your friends
Don’t rest on your luck, there’s more ways to end
You might fall from up high, that’s gravitational law
Or you
could be destroyed by a fast meteor
You could fall from a building or jump from a freighter
a lack of a constant will help
you meet your maker
by Poison gas or perhaps Dynamite
from explosive C4 or a simple fist fight
A freighter might blow up, you could be held under water
or an aeroplane engine could lead to your slaughter
Gunshots and Strangling, Stab wounds a plenty
Or kinda less glamorous, pushed off a balcony

Impaled on a knife in a kitchen appliance
C-Spine injuries beyond
medical science
Drowned in pool or be hit by a car
be trapped in a small plane that fell just too far
You might be Buried alive or Impaled on a stake
killed by a smoke monster or simply punched in the face
A nose bleed might get you, or a mean polar bear
A Flaming arrow might hit you as it flies through the air
If you escape Land mines and axe wounds discretely
Your Heart still might give in and just stop completely
It seems there a many dangers about
Things that will make you scream, struggle and shout
There is still some hope, after all’s said and done
You just CANNOT die when you’re hit on the head with a gun!

I didn't win the poetry contest but was voted best shirt, I might even post a picture of my shirt depicting the simultaneous existence both on and off the island.

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