Sunday, May 2, 2010 registration

We've just about got through the first weekend of Summer Camp online registration. Here's what I've learned...
  1. Technology is your best friend when it's working and your worst enemy when it isn't
  2. Life demands too many passwords and usenames
  3. No matter how many possible scenarios you prepare for, there will ALWAYS be a student or a parent that will present just one more
  4. A paperless registration process is incredible, despite the minor hiccups we've had, the set up looks clean and professional (and I'm not carrying large wads of cash and checks around with me)
  5. Online registration seems to encourage people to email questions rather than speak to someone in person or by phone, allowing me to respond within hours
  6. NOBODY enters telephone numbers in the following format (xxx)xxx-xxxx which is unfortuante because that's the only acceptable format for our system
  7. Old people type SUPER slow
  8. Young people assume that every monitor is a touch screen, despite the presence of a keyboard
  9. Despite all the fancy programs we have installed on our computers, the easiest and quickest way to get an image onto a screen is good ol' fashioned Powerpoint.
  10. Sitting on a bar stool but working on a regular height table is a very quick way to develop pain in your neck and spine

Overall I'm super happy with how it's going, just a few kinks to iron out and then keep praying for those sign ups to start pouring in!

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